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To whom it may concern,

Thank you for selecting Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC for your legal services. This Engagement Letter (“Agreement”) will confirm our understanding regarding this firm’s representation in connection with your trademark and copyright. Our work will begin upon receipt of your payment and a signed copy of this Agreement. 

I, Taren Marsaw, will be the attorney primarily responsible for your legal work. There is a possibility that other firm personnel may assist me. This is to ensure that our office is well prepared to handle your legal concerns.

I will send you updates throughout the case using email, text messages, and/or other methods that are convenient for you.

If other legal matters arise other than the mentioned issue, please inform our office. Additionally, if any non-legal issues arise that you believe may be pertinent to your case, please inform our office as soon as possible.


Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC will charge a flat fee of $1,700 for your trademark filing. This includes:

- 1 Comprehensive Trademark Search
- 1 Comprehensive Trademark Search Report
- 1 Trademark Availability Opinion Letter
- The submission of your Trademark Application with the USPTO
- 1 Class Filing Fee in the amount of $350
- And a strategy consult.

If the Client only wants research done, the fee is $850 and is non-refundable. 

Client will be responsible for any additional classes. This service DOES NOT include costs to cover Office Action Responses. We require full payment of attorneys’ fees and filing fees before filing your application(s).

I. Payment & Procurement

All flat fees paid to Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC are earned upon delivery. Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC's flat fees secure our lawyer’s services and compensate the lawyer for the preclusion of other employment that results from the acceptance of employment by the client. Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC's flat fee is non-refundable. Upon any fee dispute, Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC has the sole discretion to determine whether any refund will be issued.

You understand that hiring Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC does not guarantee that your Trademark will be registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO"). The filing of a Trademark is a legal proceeding, just like filing a lawsuit. Therefore, no attorney that you hire can guarantee that your trademark will be registered, we can only speculate on the probability of registration. The final decision to register the mark is solely and exclusively up to the Examining Attorney for the USPTO. 

You agree to pay Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC in full for your legal service(s). If your full payment is declined or unable to be processed for any reason, you will be contacted via phone, and/or email. In the event that your payment is not received concurrently with or immediately after signing this Agreement, no attorney-client relationship is formed with Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC.

II. Document Handling

All parties to this Agreement agree that a digital signature shall be effective to prove each party’s agreement to the terms of this document. Furthermore, the parties agree that the terms of this Agreement may be proved through an electronic facsimile, including a scanned electronic copy in Portable Document Format (“PDF”) or other digital format, and that no “original” hard-copy document shall be retained to prove the terms of this Agreement.

Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC’s policy is to scan and otherwise digitize all file materials, and to use and retain as little paper as possible. No guarantees are made that client files will be retained for more than 5 years after the representation is terminated.

III. Expiration

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Agreement, please contact us before signing this agreement. If this Agreement is acceptable to you, please sign this Agreement where indicated below and process your invoice to our office. The offer to enter into an attorney-client relationship with Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC through this Agreement, is only good for 10 days upon receipt of this Agreement. If this agreement is signed after 10 days, Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC has the authority to change its fees and void the contract/agreement in its entirety. This Engagement Letter is valid only to the extent that it applies to the services provided above.

On behalf of the firm, we appreciate the opportunity to represent you in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Taren Marsaw
Managing Attorney
Marsaw Legal & Consulting PLLC


By signing this Agreement, you confirm that you have read this Agreement, understand its provisions, and agree to abide by it.





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