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Let me help you uplevel your business to look & operate like a million-dollar enterprise.

A Few Brands I’ve Worked With

The Brand Architect

Done Playing Small?

Ready to get bigger deals, triple your client base, charge more, and become an authority in your industry?

A brand that is setup for maximum growth will always have 4 Tenets Nailed down: (1) brand experience, (2) brand visuals, (3) brand protection and (4) brand messaging.

My team and I are the one-stop shop to help you get these 4 Tenets nailed down.

Strategize your brand visuals , messaging, and systems so that you can look and operate like a multi-million dollar enterprise. 

Protect your brand legally so that you can scale without fear of copycats, bad clients, and advertising-platform issues.


Taren is a POWERHOUSE. I've hired her as an attorney and she helped me recover over $20,000 from another company that wronged me. I've also worked with her to get help with some marketing...and what she taught me in an hour was more valuable than what I learned inside a $50k mastermind.  Taren knows what the f*ck she is doing, when other people just blow smoke.


Healthcare Entrepreneur

Taren knows so much. I’ve learned so many things from her. Before, I was just shooting in the bush, hoping things would work. It is actually mind-blowing to work on a project with her. The way she explains things is just incredible, but she definitely expects people to do their part in the process. I recommend her to ANYONE who wants to start an online business. 


Digital Marketing Specialist

The website Taren’s company built has simplified my business & eliminated hours of weekly gruntwork. Now, I can run my entire law practice through my phone, I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over, and I canceled my subscription to MyCase because my website does everything I need, plus 10 times more.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Taren helped me make $2k off of ONE webpage, in 30 days, by showing me how to make tweaks to it so that customers would start flowing in. It took 20 minutes to make the changes, and my email list also increased 200% afterwards.


Recording Studio Owner

Taren helped me make $25k in about 90 days, while working less than 8 hours/week. She has a unique perspective on how things work and she knows how to turn ideas into cash. Her ability to conceptualize systems & automation helped me understand how to create cashflow, without tedious activity slowing me down.


Marketing Entrepreneur

The way that Taren explains hard concepts is amazing. She really knows how to listen to the vision someone has, and then reverse-engineer to give the step-by-step on how to make that vision a reality. I came to her with a business idea, and she gave me the first action steps. Once I acted on what she told me, I felt like I had jumped years ahead of my competitors.


Beauty Brand Owner

Taren is a dream-maker. I had a huge contract that I was chasing, but my business wasn’t setup properly yet. Taren helped me get all of my business paperwork in order within 6 days. I not only won the contract, but my execution on that contract has led to even more revenue for a brand new business.


Serial Entrepreneur

Wow. I’m learning things from Taren’s course that weren’t even covered in my MBA courses.


Fitness Entrepreneur