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Attorney + Entrepreneur

I help entrepreneurs grow their business and protect their assets.

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There are so many ways to restructure your business so that you can scale at a faster rate, communicate your offer & value more efficiently and improve your operations…while avoiding lawsuits.

Most people don’t have a clue how to get from the stage they are currently in…to the stage they desperately want to be in.

My goal is to help you carve out a plan to get your business to the next stage and help you get the 6-figure, 7-figure or 8-figure business strategy you deserve.

Questions + Answers

How do I grow a business while I’m a full-time employee?

Most people think being an employee is a hinderance. They’re wrong. It’s an optimal position when you are growing a business: (1) you’re financially stable; (2) your workplace affords you access to easy, potential customers and case study groups; (3) you have more time to learn/perfect without bills piling up. But, you must understand how to move through what I call the “business growth stages.”

How do I find my passion?

Passion is not something that is found. It is something that you acknowledge you’ve had in you all along but you must: first, stop overlooking/ignoring it and second, stop down-playing it! Download my Discover My Heart Beat PDF to better understand what your passions are.

What are the legal steps I need to take to get my business started?

This simply depends on the type of business and whether you are entering into the business with a partner. There are tons of laws that regulate how businesses must behave: (1) website laws; (2) advertising and social media laws; (3) copyright, patent & trademark laws; (4) business formation laws…and the list goes on. 

So, if I work with you, I can get top tier branding done AND you can write the hell out of my contracts?!

You’re damn right! 🙂