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Thank you for opting to retain Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC for your legal services. This Retainer & Engagement Letter (“Agreement”) will confirm our understanding regarding this firm’s representation in connection with your legal needs. Our work will begin upon receipt of your payment and a signed copy of this Agreement.

I will be the attorney primarily responsible for your legal work. There is a possibility that other firm personnel may assist me. This is to ensure that our office is well prepared to handle your legal concerns.

I will send you updates throughout any/all case(s) using email, the 24/7 client portal and/or other methods that are convenient for you.

If other legal matters arise other than the mentioned issue, please inform our office. Additionally, if any non-legal issues arise that you believe may be pertinent to your legal needs/case(s), please inform our office as soon as possible.

Scope and nature of the work

Client is hiring Marsaw Legal & Consulting on a retainer to do work that includes business-law transactions, family and estate planning and legal education consulting calls for their children (a call that focuses on a niche/specific issue of the law that could impact the child's future). 

The work does not include criminal law representation, divorce/family law matters, and personal injury representation, or any other matter that falls out of the confines of the inclusions supra. Should any of these prohibited forms of representation become necessary, we will create a separate engagement letter that outlines the scope and nature of the representation agreed on at that such time. 

Monthly Fee paid to the firm

A Retainer Fee of $1,500 per month will be paid to Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC. Such flat fee will cover all service items, with hourly rates or flat fees, that are executed. Any amounts that are not covered in the $1,500 payment will be billed to the Client separately. All monies paid to Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC that are not used, will be rolled over to the next month and added to the $1,500 that is due for that next month.

All flat fees paid to Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC are earned upon delivery. Marsaw Legal & Consulting’s flat fees secure our lawyer’s services and compensate the lawyer for the preclusion of other employment that results from the acceptance of employment by the client. Marsaw Legal & Consulting’s flat fee is non-refundable. Upon any fee dispute, Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC has the sole discretion to determine whether any refund will be issued.

The following list of service items are executed with flat fees that are subject to change at the firm's discretion. 

  • Drafting Incorporation Paperwork - $750
  • Drafting a simple Will or Trust* (complexity to be determined upon request) - $1250
  • Filing a Trademark - $750/mark 
  • Filing a Copyright - $350/copyright
  • Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney - $400/ document
  • Guardianship Designations - $350/designation 
  • Legal Education Consulting Calls ($200/hr)

Retainer fees paid to the firm

All retainer fees paid to the firm will be based on the following:

  • Time and labor required to investigate and represent the case/legal issue (including extensive drive times, time to administer paperwork to 3rd parties (on behalf of client), time spent negotiating a deal, time spent teaching/consulting client on legal issues)
  • Fees customarily charged for similar cases of the same complexity in the locality
  • Time limitations faced by our legal team
  • Nature of our professional relationship, including the length
  • Expertise, reputation, and competence of the involved attorneys
  • Coordination and additional logistical costs

Note, Client will be responsible for filing-fees, travel costs and payments needed for notarizing a document(s).

Professional Ground Rules

All parties to this Agreement agree that Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC requires all meetings, calls and consults to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Client also acknowledges that the retainer provides resources for the legal work to be executed in a more efficient, and faster manner, but the retainer does not, under any circumstance mean that Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC is required to perform a legal service that is (1) beyond their bandwidth (time, location, preparation requirements considered) (2) outside their capacity.

Client acknowledges that Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC will keep a log of all items that the Client will be billed for, and Client must pay any excess amounts that go beyond the retainer fee, by the first day of the subsequent month of the day the service was provided.

All parties to this Agreement agree that a digital signature shall be effective to prove each party’s agreement to the terms of this document. Furthermore, the parties agree that the terms of this Agreement may be proved through an electronic facsimile, including a scanned electronic copy in Portable Document Format (“PDF”) or other digital format, and that no “original” hard-copy document shall be retained to prove the terms of this Agreement.

Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC’s policy is to scan and otherwise digitize all file materials, and to use and retain as little paper as possible. No guarantees are made that client files will be retained for more than 5 years after the representation is terminated.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Agreement, please contact me before signing this agreement. If this Agreement is acceptable to you, please sign this Agreement where indicated below and return it and your payment to our office. A signature signifying your desire to enter into an attorney-client relationship with Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC through this Agreement, is only good for 30 days upon receipt of this Agreement. If this agreement is signed after 30 days, Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC has the authority to change its fees and void the contract/agreement in its entirety. This Engagement Letter is valid only for 30 days after the date of delivery.

On behalf of the firm, we appreciate the opportunity to represent you in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Taren Marsaw

Managing Attorney

Marsaw Legal & Consulting LLC


By signing this Agreement, I confirm that I have read this Agreement, understand its provisions, and agree to abide by it.





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