Hey Business Owner!   


…but you lack online marketing experience?



As a business owner, you know that YOUR online presence must:


Consistently get you discovered by your dream clients


…so you can stop wondering when your next sale is coming in


Communicate what makes you unique & valuable


…so you can charge what you deserve instead of under-pricing just to make a sale 


Establish your credibility

…so you can be selective about who you work with & have people chase YOU down instead of you having to chase them! 


 so you know…your marketing MUST be PHENOMENAL 




Your time is valuable… 
so let’s get down to The Nitty Gritty.

There is a massive problem in the website world right now!

Actually 3 major problems…


Problem 1

Experts and talented business owners are “hidden gems” online because they don’t have a website that communicates their expertise and brand story properlyso, their less talented competitors are getting way more clients.



Problem 2

The increase in free DIY web design tutorials leave business owners “looking the part” and thinking they have a professional website…meanwhile, they’re losing money daily because the site isn’t being noticed by search engines nor getting traffic.


Problem 3

Entrepreneurs with small businesses don’t have the cashflow to get a premium website done that is able to communicate value and create a captivating brand identity…so they’re forced to settle with shabby, “budget-friendly” sites.

Can you relate to one of these scenarios?

Scenario 1

“Something is better than nothing and at least I have a website…even if I don’t love it!”

Scenario 2

“I’ve spent endless hours building my site but it’s been months and I have nothing to show for it…”

Scenario 3

“I paid someone to build my site and I am so dissapointed with the end result.”

 Building a Website is Hard



You have an idea of what you want your site to look like.  


But even THE BEST YouTube tutorials don’t explain everything you need to know… 


How do you communicate what you do…without confusing your audience
sounding like a jack of all trades, and a master of none?


Which colors make your branding look professional?


What are the 3 MOST CRITICAL steps to being ranked on Google?



And how do you know where to start?

It’s information overload out here!

you can waste days in a YouTube tutorial trance….

And if you choose the wrong information, design, method, or template (or the WRONG DESIGNER)….

 you could waste hundreds of hours of your time (and cost your company opportunities and money!). 

I’m going to put an end to all of your pain, right here and now- without wasting anymore time.


there is a way to make your dream customer understand how valuable and unique your offer to them is…without them feeling confused and that you’re “all over the place”!

you can build your dream website – without wasting time on YouTube…(and WOW your customers with how elegant and professional it looks).

you can build a website that has beautiful animation, is interactive, and helps to make your brand more recognizable…(even if you don’t know code.)


there is a way to build your website in 30 days…because who has months to dedicate to their web design process?



I am going to tell you right now how I’ve created a predictable process that can be used OVER AND OVER AGAIN — with any service-based website!

so if you’re feeling…

Stuck with your current website attempt, and need help moving forward
Overwhelmed by all the technical components and you just need your website to be DONE already!
Unsure about where to start the design process or how to communicate your brand story with your website
Frustrated because you’ve waste time and/or money on a website that hasn’t launched yet and every time you get one thing perfected, another issue pops up


is perfect for you!

In websites for bosses I break down website building into 6 simple STEPS:

And I can hear what you’re thinking:

But will I have time to dedicate to a program like this?




All of the lessons for the course can be watched from your cell phone, tablet or computer at your convenience. And you only have to set aside 2 hours each week to do the work (or 15 min a day).

And the best part is…

Every week, GET your burning questions answered by our team on a LIVE Call – and get prompt, detailed expert replies…we will hold your hand through the process!

You will start this course with an idea… 

and leave with a Power-packed website!



Week 1: The Cheatcodes to Getting Noticed by Search Engines


✓ I reveal the most profitable approach to building a site for a business (this is the EXACT approach I use on websites for 7-Figure businesses)

✓I’ll show you how to discover gold-mines of information about your market’s needs and desires so you can position your brand as an authority in your niche

✓ You’ll learn how to strategically position your messaging to get noticed by Google….even if you’re a brand new business or you’re in a saturated industry!

(Week 1 is a $450 Value)

Week 2: Making Your Content & Copy Irresistible to Your Dream Client


Make your marketing dangerously effective by learning exactly what to say to persuade people to buy

✓How to get inside your customers mind and get feedback from hundreds of your ideal customers…with a click of a button

✓ Find out the key to writing text on your site that makes your customer choose your company over your competitor

(Week 2 is a $650 Value)

Week 3: Approaching Your Design Like a Branding & Marketing Expert


I’ll teach you the EXACT 4 step design process that I’ve used to design websites for million-dollar businesses 

✓Discover how my “Principle of Two” can make your site look professional, elegant and clean…even if it’s your first time designing anything in your life!

You’ll learn how to pick captivating design elements that make your brand identity come to life in a matter of seconds.

✓Learn how to avoid a $150,000 LAWSUIT…from an EXTREMELY costly mistake that rookies make all the time

(Week 3 is a $750 Value)

Week 4: Assembling Your Website to Be Powerful & To Increase Your Productivity


You’ll get access to over $1K worth of tools, custom templates, plugins, and software that will instantly make your website look like a $10K site

✓ Activate the Top 3 Business-Streamlining plugins for service-based businesses

✓ Turn your website into a marketing-machine that is able to be changed in microseconds…without a lick of code

✓ Learn how to place S.M.A.R.T. Tracking inside your website…so you can see what your visitors are distracted by (or attracted to) and adjust your site to close more sales

✓ Find out the best tricks and methods for increasing your page load speed and improving user experience on your site…so people stay longer and engage with your brand

(Week 4 is a $1,550 Value)

Week 5: Monetizing the Site & Getting to the Money


Seamlessly connect your website to trusted payment processors so you can  make money while you sleep

You’ll prepare your site for launch and implement what I call the D.O.M.I.N.O. EFFECT LANDING PAGE

✓Learn my “Traffic Tree” Method for getting increased traffic to your site and building a strong online presence

You’ll learn how to build your email list so that you can start creating an online community of raving fans for your business.

You’ll connect your email campaign service to your website and use my cheat-code to write emails that make people BUY YOUR STUFF…(this cheatcode will help you write all of your emails for the month in 1 hour!)

(Week 5 is a $650 Value)

Week 6: Launching & Paid Traffic


✓How to chase down your potential customers online so they start seeing your brand everywhere…using 10 cent ads

✓ Learn my “Quick Content” Method for getting consistent traffic to your target market…without experiencing burnout

✓ Discover the easiest ways to keep your site from being hacked and to protect your site from disasters in the future

✓ Learn how to find your “Success Metric Numbers” and how to use them to increase sales & engagement

(Week 6 is a $450 Value)

“I'm learning stuff that I didn't even learn in business school! This course is helping my husband and I get clear about our mission with our business and who we serve. We are BLOWN away and are applying everything to all of our branding so we can become a household name."


Fitness Instructors & Lifestyle Strategists

“I'm EXTREMELY non-techy, but with Taren’s formula, I built my site from scratch & added one of her Domino Effect Landing Pages to it and in the first month, I was able to make over $2,000 from that page…Plus, I doubled the size of my email list…Did I mention that I built that page in 20 minutes?“


Recording Studio Owner

“Someone offered to design my site for $500…But the course teaches how to get the site up from A to Z and I knew that a website for that cheap wouldn’t include copywriting or SEO work…when I priced all three items, the total was THREE TIMES as much as the course cost.  This course is an unbeatable value.


Financial Planner

“I am not tech savvy AT ALL, and I thought I would need a lot of hand holding. But I realized as soon as I started the first exercise that the process was going to be easy as pie.








Normally $2,497
$1,997 (Limited Time Offer)






Frequently asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans

Absolutely, you may either pay-in-full or use a payment plan.

What if I get stuck & need help?

You have access to me and my team through the entire course! If you have questions, you may send them directly to us via your portal and we will answer questions on a weekly live session!

What if I already have a website?

You have the option to keep your site, or start fresh. Though I teach how to build on WordPress, every lesson can be followed regardless of the platform you are on (e.g. Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.) with the exception of the Design Phase lessons in Week 4, which are specific to WordPress users.

Why do you prefer WordPress over Squarespace/Wix/Weebly/etc.?

I recommend business websites be built on WordPress because I believe WordPress is the premier builder and can help business owners scale their businesses and increase their traffic better than any other platform. 

How much time do I need to complete this course?

The coursework averages 2 hours per week. This breaks down to about 15 minutes per day, and the course is structured for busy entrepreneurs: you can watch every video on your phone, tablet or computer. All documents can be accessed on-the-go as well!

At what point will my website be completed?

If you do the work alongside the course schedule, your site will be 90% done at the end of Week 3 and 100% done at the end of Week 4 (Yes, 28 days from now you can have the site of your dreams!)

Taren Marsaw

Taren Marsaw

Website for Bosses Creator

I’ve helped my web design clients gross over $1M collectively in online business revenue and see traffic of up to 300K people in a day. I want to show entrepreneurs how their multi-talents and unique expertise/service can be positioned online to (1) make them money and (2) allow them to impact people, businesses, and humanity.

If you join Website for Bosses, complete all the exercises in compliance with the guarantee policy, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you build your site or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you build your site successfully. Read the full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy here.