Website content strategy for increased sales

USING TAREN'S "AIM METHOD" IN YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT STRATEGY...FOR INCREASED SALES If you have a website and are trying to figure out EXACTLY what to say to urge your ideal customer to want to work with you then this video will show you the core values you should write...

5 Highly Guarded Secrets to Mastering WordPress

does wordpress intimidate you? not sure how to get started with wordpress? wondering why wordpress is so hard? Want a FREE PDF of 5 highly-guarded wordpress secrets to help you master the greatest web-building platform in the world?   here's what's in the pdf: HOW TO...

DIY Website Mistakes

DIY Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make This video will help you avoid some common mistakes that cause customers to have terrible user experiences, cost you money and time, and leave you confused and overwhelmed about how to move the needle in your business....

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