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Read this if you work more than 12 hours each day and find yourself saying…

I’m buried in client work, with no time to live my life…yet still unable to grow my business to the next level.

If you ever feel time-poor — like the more your business grows, the less freedom and flexibility you have…

Today, I’m going to show you how to:

Stop wearing all the hats in your business

Double your productivity while cutting your workload in half

Lay the foundation for hiring your Dream Team

Love your business again

Feeling burned out and overwhelmed by your business?

It’s understandable, considering that you’re constantly:

Doing 4+ people’s jobs…alone (aka You ARE the business)

Chasing down overdue invoice payments (again)

Hounding clients to give you the deliverables they promised “tomorrow”…3 months later

Rescheduling yet another appointment a client “forgot to show up for”

Making money but never having enough time to enjoy it

Juggling long-term goals with short-term momentum

Stopping marketing and client acquisition so you can focus on fulfillment

Not being able to get sick…without it negatively affecting your business

Having guilt for taking even 1 day off for self-care

Working on vacation — because if you don’t…who will?

Losing sleep at night — worrying about your incomplete tasks

Robbing time from your loved ones to give to your business

Working 12+ hours a day on a never-ending task list

Feeling guilty that you aren’t advancing how you imagined

Watching competitors (who aren’t as experienced) take off — while you’re buried in work

Too busy working IN your business to work ON it

Anxious that your business isn’t going to last

Avoiding phone calls/emails because you can’t handle more work

Resenting your business for dominating your life

Stuck on a hamster wheel — running fast in the same place

Getting more work than you have capacity to handle alone

Always busy but never feeling productive

Wanting to work on parts of the business you love — and outsource things you hate

Maxing out at the same revenue or number of clients each month

Dreaming about hiring — but feeling you aren’t ready

It Never-Ends

And Yet…

You know your business can go to the next level…if you can just unchain yourself from the day to day.

So you end up

Burning the midnight oil once again — and promising yourself that

once you get a large sum of cash — you will hire your first employee

And Every Time…

You realize that hiring is premature.

You don’t want the responsibility of someone else’s insurance, paid time off, sick leave…

Plus, you don’t have enough time to TRAIN them…or fix their mistakes.


I’M Taren Marsaw

I’m the founder of Pure Conceptions… And over the past 5 years, I’ve lived in 4 of my dream cities, traveled for weeks at a time, and graduated law school in the top 5% of my class — all while running a 6-Figure business.

But running my business wasn’t always so smooth.


And truth be told, I almost gave up..

Many times

I still remember tears rolling down my cheeks, as I lay on my bedroom floor, having an anxiety attack from being overworked in my business.

It’s rough being a One-Man Band…

But the reason my business did a 180…is because of one, single system I discovered.

A system that:

− Shaved 20 hours off my workweek…

− Helped me provide top notch customer service…without lifting a finger

− Allowed me to streamline my business so that tasks that used to take 1 hour can be done in 1 minute.

And it’s a system that can help you too!

Because, frankly, you are probably one step away from explosive growth in your business…if you can just get time to think and strategize your next BIG move.

And if you don’t get out of this time-sucking business…

You and I both know that you’ll…

Always be an underpaid worker at a “job” you created for yourself

Never reach your goal of having true freedom & flexibility

Continue being ran by your business — instead of you running it

Constantly battle thoughts of whether “entrepreneurship is right for you”

Want to throw in the towel on your dream in exchange for a “real” job

Watch others make your annual salary in a month…while you sit on a million-dollar business

Try to explain why you work so hard every day with little to show for it

Fight embarrassment when asked “how’s business” — when you are disappointed with your growth