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Course #1

my students have called it the

Best Online Marketing Course

for entrepreneurs who want to:
✓ Learn the EXACT steps to building an online business that can bring in $5k-10k/month

✓ Build a brand that stands out in a saturated market

✓ Charge what they’re worth…and not have to cut prices to make sales

✓ Attract their dream clients…and repel “bad fits”

✓ Be booked to capacity…with as low as a $100/month ad budget

 Now Accepting Enrollment!

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Course #2: High-End Beauty Retouching

Want to learn how to make your images look FLAWLESS and Natural?

This Photoshop course will help you turn average, everyday people into super models, so that you can immediately:

Start creating branded photos that make people “WOW!”

Build your social media brands faster with stunning visuals

Create phenomenal first-impressions about your brand

This course is currently SOLD OUT.


Course #3: WordPress Turbo Installation

Need a clean, elegant, & professional website for your business…but have ZERO code/design experience?

This course will help you build a GORGEOUS WordPress website in 30 minutes, so that you can immediately:

Start building landing pages

Start taking payments online

Build your email list

Create unlimited forms (e.g. order forms, surveys, contact forms, etc.)