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If you have a million-dollar brand, you better protect it.

When your brand takes off, people are going to copy you & attempt to steal from you. 

Taren Marsaw


Copycats, Counterfeiters, Funnel-Hackers, Course-Hackers, and Sleezy Content Creators spend hours searching for brands they can knock-off.

They are typically looking for brands with (1) a proven record of success (2) a pulse on their target market and (3) innovative ideas.

Basically, they are looking for million-dollar brands, like yours, that stand out in a saturated market.

So that they can rip your hard work off of you, and divert your hard-earned traffic to them…without them having to do the work.

Let’s protect your brand against them.


Keep competitors from stealing your clients and benefiting off your brand’s reputation/ pretending to be associated with your brand.


Prevent your artwork and creative expressions from being stolen, sampled, or reproduced without your permission.


Conduct business legitimately, and cover your tail. Ensure that your business transactions don’t get you dragged into court.

Letters & Notices

Notify someone that you are prepared to sue them if they don’t comply with your demands to stop infringing on your brand.


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Why Should You Trademark your brand…

Enforce protection around your reputation, branding, and frameworks.

Trademark law is “The Big Boy” when it comes to brand protection. It is based on Federal law. Which means that it is grants more brand protection than your LLC, DBA, or Trade Name.  

So if you are course creator and you have developed a unique framework for your methods, or you have a catchy business name/slogan that you know is copy-worthy…here is what you need to consider:


Let’s say you’re invited on a podcast interview. A competitor listens to you talk about your business for 45 minutes and they now know how to reverse engineer your success. They have more money than you and can saturate the market faster than you can as a result. Trademarks can keep them from stealing the commercially-valuable portions of your brand, even if they have the deeper pockets.


Imagine you launch a marketing campaign online. It goes viral. Then, you learn that a competitor in your space has started using your brand name and IP in their marketing, to make your potential clients believe you are business partners. Trademarks can keep them from stealing the commercially-valuable portions of your brand, and pretending to be associated with you.



Meet the Attorney

Hi, I’m Taren Marsaw. Unlike many business attorneys, who have never ran a business, I was a 6-Figure entrepreneur before I was an attorney. In fact, I supported myself through undergrad, post-grad, and law school via my branding agency.

I learned the bulk of what I know about business from real-life experience, not books and theories.  So, when I received my law license in 2018, after graduating in the Top 5% of my law class, I turned down law firm offers because I knew that my passion was in the branding & entrepreneurship space.

 And I love working with entrepreneurs — they are my tribe.

Taren Marsaw

Licensed Attorney

Principal Office in Houston, Texas.


Featured reviews

Taren is a dream-maker. I had a huge contract that I was chasing, but my business wasn’t setup properly. Taren helped me get all of my business paperwork in order within 6 days. I not only won the contract, but my execution on that contract has led to even more revenue for my brand new business.

Martin Castillo