Marc gives full speed in the jungle test

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Marc gives full speed in the jungle test

There is a lot of oomph in the blonde’s first tones. The jury is enthusiastic: “Man, do you have an organ!” Praised Dieter. Laurène is the best proof that “it’s always good to listen to your grandma”. Four times “Oui” for the musical granddaughter. 

Awesome character voice and jury squabble

With the 17-year-old Katja Fischer, however, opinions differ. The student from Bayreuth hits her guitar at the casting and insists on not singing to music from the tape. Dieter knows from years of experience that aspiring singers often have problems with musical accompaniment.

In addition, “the cool sock” doesn’t play the guitar really well. “That was unrhythmic,” interrupts the pop titan the high school student and meets with resistance from his colleagues. “I don’t understand why this is canceled,” says Ella, shaking her head. So: everything at the beginning. Katja remains tough and can ultimately convince with “Cold Water” by “Major Lazer”, just like Aaron Frisch.

The 26-year-old waiter from Troisdorf only got into music a year ago, through his friends. This shows that there are also friends with good hearing. They did everything they could to ensure that the young man with the “crass character voice” and the “mega sound” made his way to Hamburg in the first place.

Menderes “is in the house”

Meanwhile, no way is too far for DSDS veteran Menderes. The show could take place on Mars, the lovable “Dösbaddel”, whom Dieter “likes and respects very much”, would even belatsch the NASA boss for his participation. The entertainer has been honoring the format for 15 years and trumps with a medley far from a judgment. The jungle king of 2016 has long since proven that you can become famous with a thin voice, but with all the more will to fight. “If I ever die, please sing at my funeral,” Dieter flatters.

Menderes – the man who is allowed to sing at Dieter’s funeral. (Source: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius)

Again and again, however, you can observe at DSDS what different maturities people of the same age group have. One of the 30-year-olds has cuddly toys in tow, the other has already been through the third divorce. In their late twenties, women often seem to be in the little-girl stage and in some cases can hardly speak three reasonable sentences in a straight line. Many have the same dilemma in common: Nobody tells them that they can neither sing nor perform well and that instead of dreaming about the stage they should broaden their horizons.

“You emailed it”

The friend of the “pansexual” candidate Tim, who is allowed to take a seat on Dieter’s chair while his Schnucki sings “Wrecking Ball” by “Miley Cyrus”, says he thinks his voice is “special”. Then Dieter: “Yes? Would you buy the record? You are cute, but that’s scary!”

Giulio inspires with Italian charm. (Source: MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius) “There’s never been that at DSDS!”: First she flashes the jury, then she lies ice cold Sexyness before singing ?: ” DSDS ”: Bohlens ” booty scheme ” splits the jury “Such a number – at that age”: DSDS: 16-year-olds knock planks off the stool

At the end of the seventh casting, the Italian Giulio Arancio proves how to do it right with a cuddle number. Although the dancing electrical engineer messes up a few notes, he has “a good range” or, as Glasperlen-Caro likes to say: “You failed it.”

Sources used: DSDS broadcast on February 10, 2018

After two weeks of disgusting food, crawling animals and crawling camp, the 11th season of the “jungle camp” comes to an end on Saturday evening. Hanka Rackwitz, Florian Wess and Marc Terenzi made it to the final. Who does the crown belong to? Vote.


Pro: In contrast to rather shy campers like Icke Häßler or Nicole Mieth, Hanka was present from the first episode and with her quirks always good for a smile. Brave and with a sense of self-irony, she faced her numerous phobias and obsessive-compulsive neuroses, some of which even seemed to improve in the jungle. At the beginning she shrank from the slightest touch, at the end she also hugged a fellow jungle he had come to love.  

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Sarah Joelle has reached her limits

The first candidate has to leave the camp

Cons: With its countless tics, compulsions and fears, it forced flatmates and spectators to show a good deal of patience and indulgence. If a situation did not promptly obey her will, her demeanor could easily develop imperious features. In this way, she gambled away ever larger parts of the initial sympathy with the other candidates.

Hanka Rachwitz. (Source: RTL)


Pro: Before the jungle, you only knew about Florian that the press had given him the nickname Botox Boy and that he was married to Helmut Berger at some point. He quickly established himself as a reliable camp member and almost consistently enjoyed the respect of the other candidates. If there was a quarrel, he always said his opinion straightforwardly, without being abusive or unfair. When he received a letter from his long-lost brother, the otherwise meticulously guarded emotions broke out and gave him a pleasantly human touch.

Cons: From the very first second Florian tried to confront Honey. The long-term feud, carefully cultivated, seemed a little artificial in places. On the other hand, the Permagrinser from Frankfurt tried really devotedly to be worthy of the aversion he received. Most of all “Flori” annoyed with his eternal lament about unsuccessful jungle exams, in which he was simply not granted a sense of achievement.

Florian Wess. (Source: RTL)


Pro: Marc was a bit like the Womanizer version of last year’s winner Menderes. He hardly argued, always tried to find mediation and balance, and with his natural coolness drew everyone to his side. Not only with the women the singer had a stone in the board. He never pinched in the jungle tests and gave everything even when others had thrown in the towel because of disgust or exertion. This made him a successful star collector and earned him the nickname “Magic Marc”. For the audience, his German-English language confounders were a constant source of joy.

Cons: On the contra side, Marc has little impact. You could blame him for the fact that his ladykiller qualities were communicated a little too penetratively, but it was often the others who broached the subject in his presence. He delivered an awkward performance when he charmed the grumpy cadre Loth at a night fire station and received a rattling rebuff for it.

Marc Terenzi. (Source: RTL)

Diego ensures divided opinions with his DSDS appearance. Should you let a mentally ill appear in RTL format, or does he have to be protected from himself?

At the weekend, candidate Diego could be seen on DSDS. He told an irritating story. He had been kidnapped, was Tupac’s son and had to go back to the USA. When you look on the Internet, you immediately notice: Opinions about Diego and his appearance in front of Bohlen and Co. are divided. Many find it irresponsible that the rapper was on DSDS, think he was shown. Others are already celebrating the 25-year-old as a star. 

Numerous comments can be found under a picture of Diego, which was posted on the official Instagram profile of DSDS. “The DSDS lets someone like that on is really pathetic. That is such a great danger, even if he is there. You shouldn’t let someone like that appear in the first place,” says one viewer, for example. “The reason why I won’t watch this show anymore! He actually got a recall slip. Incredible. This means that DSDS is absolutely unbelievable for me and should no longer be taken seriously,” says another. 

On Twitter, a user writes: “That’s yet another indictment for RTL. In the third episode, the station let a mentally ill person appear to amuse the jury.”

But there are also many positive comments about Diego. “The guy finally brings something new to DSDS. Let him suffer from psychosis or whatever. In the end, he gave DSDS something new with his appearance. Better than seeing a Menderes or other people who are each other every year throw them on the floor and think they can sing, “is one opinion. Others think: “He has to win. Awesome”, or: “Somehow I found it totally cool.”

Sources and further information:

Candidate Diego: Rapper claims: ” Tupac Shakur is my father ” Pietro Lombardi supports her: Little sister of Köln-Kicker in the DSDS casting The pop titan is crying at DSDS: That’s why Dieter Bohlen really came to tears

– DSDS broadcast from January 13th – Instagram profile DSDS

After the debacle at the Eurovision Song Contest, ARD entertainment director Thomas Schreiber would like to see reforms in the preliminary round. However, an exit is not the solution. 


Interesting facts about the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

“After the game is before the game,” said Schreiber of “Bild”. When asked whether Germany should get out after the third ESC debacle in a row, he said: “No.” The result was a bitter disappointment for Levina and the team. The song did not reach people’s hearts in Europe. 

Reform the preliminary decision

Schreiber advocates reforming the ESC preliminary decision. He did not give details on this: “We will inform you when there is a result. To expect an answer now is dubious.” He also pointed out that the winning country Portugal has already participated in the ESC 49 times and has now won just one time.

German music greats at the ESC

Photo series with 23 pictures

+++ These countries are considered favorites (May 13, 2017) +++

Music fans are already in the middle of ESC fever! But not only they are looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest. As every year, betting providers do not miss out on doing business with international talent. And the favorites have long been determined. 

According to the bookmakers, the winning title this year comes from Italy. Francesco Gabbani is a clear favorite with his song “Occidentali’s Karma”. 

Do you remember? – Crazy: These appearances went down in history

Do you remember?

Crazy: These appearances went down in history

A small consolation for Ann Sophie: These participants really deserved the 0 points. Video

Behind them is the Portuguese Salvador Sobral. With “Amar Pelos Dois” (love for two) the 27 year old presents an intimate jazz ballad full of emotions and sensual, melancholy tones. 

Sweden has been one of the top nations at the ESC for years. Also this year the betting providers give the six-time title holder good chances. This year’s candidate Robert Bengtsson goes with “I Can’t Go On” in the footsteps of Abba, Måns Zelmerlöw and Co.

Although Bulgaria has never won the ESC, the country is also considered a favorite this year. Kristian Kostov enters the race with his song “Beautiful Mess”.

It is very similar with Armenia. Artsvik is the name of the country’s candidate and, with his title “Fly with me”, he is a secret favorite. So far it has never been enough for Armenia to win. 

However, the sports betting providers do not believe in an ESC victory for Germany’s candidate Levina. But who knows: maybe everything will turn out very differently. 

+++ These are Levina’s biggest competitors (April 10, 2017) +++

On Saturday it’s that time again: Then Germany will compete in the Eurovision Song Contest for the 62nd time. This year 25-year-old Levina will step into the ring against 25 other countries. But does the pretty Bonnie have a chance of winning the crown?

The competition is already in the starting blocks. The first semi-final was on May 9th. 18 countries fought for one of the coveted places in the final. The first ten were already able to convince and have qualified for the show on May 13th in Kiev.

Dimitra Papadea will take over for Greece. Armenia also relies on a power woman: 32-year-old Artsvik. Portugal, on the other hand, is sending jazz singer Salvador Sobral into the race.