How Non-Techie Entrepreneurs Build Profitable Websites
…with 3 Surprisingly Simple Strategies

You’ll start this masterclass with an idea and leave with an attack strategy.

Hosted by Taren Marsaw

Taren has helped her clients gross over $1M in online revenue, see traffic up to 100 visitors per minute and build websites that help them give their brand more credibility and authority.

In this 100% FREE Masterclass, I reveal:

✓ The Best Web Building Platform for serious businesses…and which ones to avoid if you have BIG DREAMS for your brand

✓ How your brand new website can compete with the BIG Brands in your industry…even if you are in a saturated market!

✓ Why the B.L.U.E.print Method is THE EASIEST way to create raving fans for your brand…and prevent you from becoming a content factory

I’ll also reveal:

  • Why not knowing how to code or design increases your potential of building a website that can sell water to a whale
  • Why a clean, elegant website might be worthless for your business…and won’t increase clientele/customers
  • A trick to writing copy that sells

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