In order to avoid injuries, the officials proceeded very carefully when “liberating” the opponents of nuclear power.

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In order to avoid injuries, the officials proceeded very carefully when “liberating” the opponents of nuclear power.

Around 2,500 participants gathered for a rally in the city center, as Ulrich Söffker said, Green Country Director. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD) was among the demonstrators. The police spoke of a “completely peaceful” course, but put the number of participants at only 850. The organizers had expected 4,000 demonstrators. Environmentalists, trade unionists and church representatives criticized the nuclear policy of the black and yellow federal government in speeches. They warned against turning the interim storage facility north into Germany’s “atomic toilet”. The transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste from the Cadarache facility in southern France is due to arrive in Lubmin in the coming week.

The fuel elements originally come from a decommissioned research reactor in Karlsruhe and the research ship “Otto Hahn”. The plant was originally only intended for irradiated remains from the dismantled GDR nuclear power plants in Lubmin and Rheinsberg. Numerous state politicians therefore joined the protests against the Castor transport. Source:, AFP “” News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of Thorsten Legat “Suchbild: Where is Thorsten Legat? For Schalke’s manager Rudi Assauer, it is the moment when the football god finally dies. For everyone else, the” master of hearts “is born. It’s about four Bundesliga minutes and an unbelievable team photo with Thorsten Legat. The 2000/2001 season starts furiously: Andreas Möller moves from Borussia Dortmund to district neighbor FC Schalke 04. The transfer causes a sensation in the Bundesliga far beyond the usual level.

BVB manager Michael Meier says with a mischievous smile: “Möller gambled with his agent for more money with us, and at the same time said that he was talking to another club. Then he revealed that he wanted to go to Schalke. We did didn’t tell him he was crazy. But we thought so. “Meier’s words are the general tenor. Of course, S04 manager Rudi Assauer is very well aware of what he’s doing there: “I’m not going an easy path, I know that many fans say: Now he’s going to get this crybaby.

But I don’t do a fan survey before I sign someone. Otherwise I could close the store. “The former national player Möller takes the matter surprisingly calmly. When he introduced him, he even tried a joke:” My favorite word is now attack. “Möller’s first appearance in the Parkstadion has both posters hanging” Zecke Möller – welcome to the blue and white hell “and” Kampfschwein Möller “in a wide circle. Surprisingly for many, the ex-Dortmund won the respect of Schalke quickly. His good to outstanding performances and the excellent start of the entire team help here of course very much.

Schalke plays big and wins three times away with 4-0 (Berlin, Rostock, Dortmund) by the winter break. While Assauer wants all of this to be seen as a “snapshot”, the newspapers are already writing the upcoming championship. For the “kicker”, especially “Schalke’s dormant Pole (s)” Tomasz Waldoch and Tomasz Hajto have a big part in the royal blue upswing. But after the winter break, Schalke suddenly faltered. The team remained without a hit for over 400 minutes.

The competition from Dortmund, Munich and Leverkusen is hoping again. Bayer’s manager Reiner Calmund even says: “For the title I would have 29 kilos sucked off.” After the 33rd matchday – Bayern wins 2-1 against Lautern, Schalke loses 0-1 in Stuttgart – Munich are three points ahead of the Royal Blues, but have a goal difference that is three goals worse. So it comes to the legendary final on the last day of the game.

Schalke meets SpVgg Unterhaching, who are fighting to stay in the league, at home, Bayern compete in Hamburg.during the revision phase for an argumentative essay, a writer should Only in the final quarter of an hour do the Royal Blues make the 5-3 victory over Unterhaching clear. But without a win for HSV, the championship will not work. The cheers in the Parkstadion are all the more limitless when Sergej Barbarez scored the 1-0 for Hamburg in the final minute.

When “Premiere” reporter Rollo Fuhrmann finally gives the signal that the game in Hamburg is over, there is no stopping it. Only seconds later, however, the television picture from the Hanseatic city appears on the screen in Gelsenkirchen. Contrary to what Fuhrmann said, the TV is still playing. And at that moment, Bayern receives a free kick. Seconds later the ball is in.

In stoppage time. Referee Markus Merk does not even whistle again. Bayern goalkeeper Oli Kahn will later say that after the HSV opening goal he only thought: “We have to keep going. Keep going.

On and on. “On that day, the badly ailing Rudi Assauer said a legendary sentence in a tear-choked voice:” If there is a football god, he is unjust. He died for me. “The excitement of the season was delivered by the new Schalke Thorsten Legat already before the season: Because he clicked on a poster in the fitness room of his club VfB Stuttgart that shows his dark-skinned team-mate Pablo Thiam with a drinking bottle in his hand Word “Negersaft” has written, he has to leave Swabia. Now he is playing at FC Schalke 04 and has nothing but nonsense on his mind again. When the official team photo of Schalke is to be snapped, his teammate Olaf Thon whispers to him from the side: ” Legat, if you pull your pants up to the stop, you will get 500 marks from me. “From the background, Andreas Möller intervenes:” I’ll raise it to 1000, Thorsten! “Legat doesn’t take long to ask, pushes the shirt into her Pants and pulls them up to under the armpits. And Legat actually makes it unnoticed in the “Kicker” special issue with this campaign.

Too bad that Manager Assauer doesn’t show much sense of humor when he holds the magazine in his hands: “Man, Thorsten, what have you done again? 20,000 Marks fine, 5000 Marks in the team treasury and a meal for everyone on top . ” When the legate objected that it would not be profitable for him because he only got 1,000 marks for the bet, Assauer threw him out of his office. You can find all the articles in our weekly series “55 Years of the Bundesliga” here. Redelings is on the move across the country with its stage programs: information and tickets for the tour. Source: “At the doorbell in front of Merkel’s constituency office in Stralsund. (Photo: dpa) Five weeks after the nuclear transport to Gorleben, which was accompanied by mass protests, another one rolls Train with highly radioactive material across Germany. The train is due to start on Tuesday in southern France. In the Castoren there are around 2500 fuel rods from the Karlsruhe nuclear research center and from the nuclear ship “Otto Hahn”, which were stored for years in the Cadarache nuclear research center.

The transport is expected to reach the federal interim storage facility north near Lubmin on Thursday around noon. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU) wants to announce precise information on Tuesday. Federal police patrol the works track of the Energiewerke Nord in Lubmin. (Photo: dapd) Opponents of nuclear power demonstrated on Monday in front of the Stralsund constituency office of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) . Under the motto “Back to the sender”, around 40 demonstrators rolled symbolic nuclear barrels through the city center and called on the federal government to phase out nuclear power. Stralsund is around 40 kilometers from the interim storage facility.

According to their own statements, the federal police have increased the patrols and increased the number of their emergency services to several hundred at the end of the stretch between Greifswald and Lubmin alone. The largest protests are expected on the 22-kilometer stretch. As early as Saturday, around 2,000 opponents of nuclear power, including Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD), had a demonstration in Greifswald that energy policy was reversed and that transport was abandoned Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU) recalled the long approval phase and criticized the Greens and the former Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin (Greens). “In fact, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is now getting the garbage that the Greens ordered.” The highly radioactive waste that is now rolling to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is federal nuclear waste, which, according to long-term contracts, has to be taken back by Germany. The permit issued by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection has met with strong criticism in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania because the storage contradicts the will of the state government. Originally, the interim storage facility near the decommissioned Lubmin nuclear power plant was only built for the nuclear remains of the GDR. Another transport with five castors from the Karlsruhe reprocessing plant (WAK) is expected to roll into Lubmin in the spring of 2011. WAK is a subsidiary of the federally owned Energiewerke Nord, which also operates the interim storage facility in Lubmin.

Then with the 65 castors with GDR nuclear waste and the expected nine castors 74 of a total of 80 castor parking spaces will be occupied. According to the Energiewerke Nord (EWN) as the operator, there will be no further Castor transports. The federal government does not have any other highly radioactive waste, as a company spokeswoman said. For Tuesday, the Castor opponents are planning vigils and a chain of lights from Greifswald in the direction of Lubmin.

In the evening, opponents of nuclear power want to march through the Hanseatic city under the motto “Switch off the Nazis” and demonstrate against the adoption of the protest by neo-Nazis. Source:, dpa “The former football professional Thorsten Legat was his father’s when he was a child The 45-year-old revealed this in his book “When life is playing foul”, from which the Bild newspaper published excerpts. “It was the purest horror scenario,” reports Legat, who has a total of 243 Bundesliga players. Games for VfL Bochum, Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt, VfB Stuttgart and Schalke 04. Legat hit the headlines in 2007 when a case against him on charges of attempted bodily harm with a weapon was dropped after paying 1000 euros He had been charged with an attack on a group of bullying youths with a samurai sword on New Year’s Eve 1996/97 in Bochu m a man ready for hospital. Writing the book was also a kind of liberation for him, said Legat: “People all think that I’m a psycho, that I’m crazy.

I don’t like that. I now want to show why I was sometimes like that and lived everything out, sometimes aggressively. But actually I have a soft core, I am a family man “.

He is currently “the happiest person in the world”. (sid) Source: “The rescue service supplies two Robin Wood activists who are chained to a track on the Castor transport route. (Photo: dapd) After a two-day journey, the nuclear waste transport from southern France has the interim storage facility in the north A chain action by two opponents of nuclear power shortly before their destination in Western Pomerania delayed the arrival of the train by around six hours. The last transport of nuclear waste of the year rolled almost unmolested to the Baltic Sea for around 1,700 kilometers Activists of the environmental organization Robin Wood, however, took a forced break. The transport brought four Castor containers with around 2500 fuel rods to the site of Energiewerke Nord, where the federal government has been operating an interim storage facility since the late 1990s, originally only for nuclear waste from the two decommissioned East German nuclear power plants Against the will of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, research fuel rods are now also being produced there federal institutions stored.

The highly radioactive material that has now been delivered comes from the former nuclear research center in Karlsruhe and from the former nuclear-powered research freighter “Otto Hahn”. The nuclear waste was stored for years in Cadarache in the south of France until it was transported back. Despite the large police presence and the freezing cold, the environmental activists were able to chain themselves to the train tracks southeast of Greifswald. Her forearms were also set in concrete, said a police spokesman. In order to avoid injuries, the officials proceeded very carefully when “liberating” the opponents of nuclear power. With a total of a few hundred participants, the protests were far more restrained than during the recent Castor transport to Gorleben in Lower Saxony.

At the beginning of November, tens of thousands of people demonstrated there, including leading federal politicians. According to the police, opponents of nuclear power were able to briefly stop the train in Magdeburg and Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg. A large contingent of police – according to reports, more than 10,000 federal and state officials were deployed nationwide – and the adverse weather conditions slowed the protest along the route. The cold and heavy snowfall also challenged the police and also increased the resentment of the residents in the region: They had to accept long waiting times in the evening because of preventive route closures. When it was freezing, around 200 people had reached their destination at Lubmin at noon a sit-in was formed, but the police broke it up. Around half of the participants were carried away and taken away in heated buses.

According to their own statements, the police took almost 100 demonstrators into temporary custody. “Such transports across the country show that there is no plausible concept for safekeeping of radioactive remains in Germany,” said Dirk Seifert from Robin Wood. Nuclear power opponents had also issued similar criticism when they stopped the train for 15 minutes at Ludwigslust. “The protest was primarily directed against unsolved nuclear waste disposal. For 45 years, nuclear power has been produced in Germany without it being clear what happens to the waste,” said the spokesman for the contrAtom information network, Bernd Ebeling. There was also strong criticism, because garbage from West German nuclear plants is being stored in Lubmin. The north interim storage facility was originally only built for radioactive waste from the two decommissioned East German nuclear power plants. “We are ready to take in nuclear waste from Lubmin and Rheinsberg, but please not from all of Germany,” stressed Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s head of government Erwin Sellering (SPD) in the NDR. Since the interim storage facility, like the garbage, belongs to the federal government, the state has no influence on it. Source:, dpa “View from the side of the hall with blocks 1 and 2 of the former nuclear power plant. (Photo: J.