Taren Marsaw
Branding + Visual Design


my love letter to the dreamers:

Dear Dreamer,

I was 16 when I started my first company (a photography company). 

I had NEVER TOUCHED A PRO CAMERA nor did I OWN one when I filed my DBA with the county clerk. 👀

The ONLY reason I chose to pursue photography was this strange, constant “weird, unexplainable attraction” to it.

It was a long journey to learn how to take great photos, but that “weird, unexplainable attraction” eventually led me to building a 6-figure branding/marketing agency, Pure Conceptions Multimedia.

 So, if you have a dream…or some “weird, unexplainable attraction” that etches at your heart…

I urge you to pursue it.

Life has a crafty way of turning “little hobbies” into “dreams come true.”


here is some of my work: