Brand Identity and How it Can Make or Break Sales

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Brand identity/ the brand identity design process can be confusing for rookie entrepreneurs. When you are trying to figure out how to get in front of your customer, there is so much information floating around regarding brand design process. It can start to feel like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Should you focus on brand identity color palette and a theme for your business? Should you even create brand identity for your small business at the revenue stage you’re in? And if you find the answers to those questions you may start to even wonder how to create brand identity guidelines if you don’t have a technical design background. But the truth is, all of these overwhelming concepts are not the first things that you should address if you want to nail the brand identity design process. In this video I address the most important component to any brand identity system and explain why it matters more than all of the colors, logos, and other assets you create for your brand.